All prices are based on the repairs needed to vehicle and done on a hourly basis.

Labor Prices

All prices are based on the repairs needed to vehicle and done on a hourly basis.

Low income services

Low Income Auto Repair Labor Help

Is your car in need of repair? Are you on a limited budget? Are you able to show proof of income? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, WE CAN HELP!

How it works

If you reflect with these three questions, it is a matter of these simple steps:

1. Call us to get a estimate

2. Bring us the required documentation;

      a. Proof of ownership of the vehicle

      b. Proof of income

      c. Proof of residence

      d. Have money to pay for the parts for vehicle. ( we may be able to help with this please contact us for more information.)

Get Car Fixed

Once we get all the above steps completed we will set up a line of credit and a monthly payment schedule for the labor repairs on your vehicle. 

Depending on your income, Labor Payments will be as low as $50.00 a month up to $75.00 a month


Parts Information

Parts/Warranty Information


Frank Petty Motors LLC does its absolute best to keep prices low to save you money. We order parts from local parts stores such as: AutoZone, Oreilly's, Liters, Napa, Advance Auto Parts, and local salvage yards. We also have accounts online with:,, and  just to name a few primaries. 

Almost every part comes with a warranty as well as parts from some online parts stores. We honor all manufacture warranties offered by parts’ company where we get your parts from. Please note: Any stipulations or requirements that the parts supplier require must be completed for the warranty process. Frank Petty Motors and its entities do NOT offer warranty on parts or labor. We ONLY honor MANUFACTURER warranties on parts that we can verify! The manufacturers’ DO NOT warranty the labor. Warranties are NON transferable! Any warranty on any parts may not be able to be claimed if the part becomes defective if you sell or trade the vehicle. Frank Petty Motors LLC will not file a labor claim on a defective part that has been transferred from the original owner.

Record Keeping

 We keep very extensive records on all service and repair work done. This includes all part sales, warranties and any other services provided by Frank Petty Motors LLC. Along with our very extensive records we can send information to CARFAX. Sending this information is FREE!  We protect you and your privacy. Frank Petty Motors & CARFAX does not share nor post any of our customers information. Frank Petty Motors LLC shares the date, vehicle information, a summary of the services provided, mileage, and Frank Petty Motors LCC Shop contact information.  

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