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Family owned Business


We  have been in business for over 47 years! We have moved our operation to provide the lowest prices in the area.  We are also working to build new facilities. We have excellent customer service and strive to give you the best customer service available so you can get your vehicle back quickly. Put us to work for you! Save Time, Save Money!

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CARFAX Reporting Shop


You have the option of us reporting all of the work done to your vehicle(s) to CARFAX for FREE! but isn't required. Ask us for more details.

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Fast, Quality Service You Can Count ON!


 We normally have a 24 hour term service. This means you get your car in the shop and back the next day! Please note: depending on the repairs and parts needed, it may take a longer time frame. 

 We now offer a Low income service to help our low Income customers.  

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Our Changes in Time

How we became what we are

Frank Leon Petty started a little, one man, shop at his home he moved to 102 East Subway Blvd Nevada, Mo. I don't remember what he first called his business. Everyone just knew it as Subway Muffler or Franks garage. Frank Petty was a great man. He is greatly missed.

Frank started out doing Muffler work with his buddy. He did it for a few years but...Frank was young and was so good at one particular thing that no one could compete. That was carburetors. In the old days, he could take a carburetor that was junk  and make it new. They had Walkers, Edelbrocks, Carters, and, Quadrajets. Quadrajets were often called "Quadrajunks." Frank could make a Quadrajet run just as good as an Edelbrock. He was so good at it that I remember people mailing and shipping us carburetors from Washington, Alaska and all over the country! Before I get ahead of myself.... He was known as "The Carburetor Man" up until the day he died. Throughout the years the muffler shop changed hands but, Frank Petty was always there in the same building at his bench working on carburetors.

When I was young the shop was called Frank Petty Motors or Petty Motors for short. He expanded the business into basic car maintenance and repairs. Then in the 1990's the company took a big turn, and Frank Petty Motors LLC was born. Frank still did the carburetors and auto repairs but, he decided to get into the car business. From the records of his that I found and  growing up there, it was a great time. I sold one of my dads cars at 9 yrs old and it was so awesome! From the time Frank Petty Motors LLC was formed in 2014, we sold over 20 cars a year but in some years more! That is over 250  cars in 15 years! That is a-lot for a small operation. Frank gave excellent customer service and we provided great repair services. 

Through the years as Frank got older, the less he liked technology. New cars had computers and it required computers to read them. I remember when he bought the first auto scan tool,  he had a horrible time with that thing. Many cuss words later he finally had it, "We don't need  computers!" he often said. When I asked for a office computer, you would have thought he had his lungs ripped out of him. I regretted asking for it for a while, but we got it. Like I said, he was not a computer guy and because of this, while I was in school I took auto tech and worked with him for a total of 18 years in the shop while acquiring his experience and knowledge. After auto tech, I took classes online and he hated it. He was a book guy, so he bought me books, but I don't like books all that much. "The book was the way the way to business". 

New technology came out and  after many arguments and disagreements at the shop and even more so at home some days, he gave in and got us Brand new technology. Brand new scanner and program computer, office equipment and the special tools required to work on most new cars today. Their was a car he was working on that needed a special tool to do the timing. I found the tool it was $80.00. He made me print the specs and he went out to the shop and made his own tool. I don't know how may special tools he made but finally we actually bought some. And he was quite vocal about it! Sad part some of the tools he made work better than the ones you buy. And well much Cheaper. 

Then Frank got sick. Over a period of 5 years his health declined rapidly. He was in and out of the hospitals and I did my best to keep the doors open and shop running. I can't count how many carburetors I took apart cleaned, and then took to the hospital with tools to put them back together. He did this while in his hospital bed. I got yelled at a lot by nurses. But Frank was very "Frank". He tried to walk out several times because he wanted to go home but in his case to the shop. But he recovered and went back to work. He did take a lot of naps in the office tho. The office was as he called it "his way" 

We had a shop dog named inky he named underdog. The dog had more privileges than I did and got prime lunch meals! But Frank still did work. And he did great work. We all did great work. Customers were always happy and coming back with more work on other vehicles. Many times we were so busy we could not see the schedule on the desk. Remember he was not a computer person! Or a file cabinet person! 

Then their as all shops was the slow times. He loved them all. Every Morning their was a routine. Frank and Underdog got breakfast normally from McDonald's. Then to the shop for the B.S EMPORIUM. That was something that Bill had started but it just stuck. I called it the old fart club. We would have a office full of people sitting drinking coffee I normally had to make so I would have some, and B.S.N. For the last 5 years of his life that was the shop routine. But also lots of work to do. 

Sadly enough the last trip to the hospital was it. Thanks giving day he had a heart attack. I rushed him to the ER then we found out he also had pneumonia. I Ran the shop as I did all the times before. I would also like to thank the following people for their assistance on days I could not be their for the month he was in the ICU. Thank you: Charlie, Gary, Steve (was also a part owner passed away), Brian, Kellie, Danny, Shelia, and others. He showed signs of recovering then Christmas Day things went all wrong. The phones were ringing off the hook literally. I left home and went to him. His body was giving up. I did the hardest choice of my life and after a month in ICU I stopped his pain and suffering. He Passed Away on Dec 28th 2013. A link to the Obituary; https://www.nevadadailymail.com/story/2037187.html

Autobiography written by Thomas Petty (Frank Petty's Son)


Continuing a Legacy

The Shop is officially OPEN

Frank Leon Petty left the business and his legacy to me. I DO NOT own Frank Petty Motors LLC How ever I do manage it.

It is my goal to exceed my dads expectations and grow his legacy. Those are high goals I will reach. I Sold Frank Petty Motors LLC my dads last company to another person. I did not want to do it. It greatly saddens me I did. 

In 2019 once our brand new facility is completed will also be providing Semi Road Side Service and have a full time semi repair and service at our facility! Ground breaking for the new shop starts in February.

FRANK PETTY MOTORS LLC has the ability here to give lower prices which keeps money in your pocket! Frank Petty Motors has the lowest service rates in the county! The sites lists the hourly service rates, but, they do not include the discount savings we apply. We also now offer a Low income service to help our low income customers. We also offer deals other shops don't. We are a 4 mechanic operation and have a 85% rating of a vehicle repairs done in 24 hours or less. If it will take longer we will tell you. Frank Petty Motors is back and stronger than ever! Come out and see us! We also Have the long standing B.S. Emporium coffee mornings. Come out have a free hot cup of coffee. Walk in service is welcome we also do Appointments

Frank Petty Motors LLC also has 24 Hour Road Side Assistance in full operation. I set up new service areas and it works great. We even have a 24 hour dispatch center to take the calls! In 2019 also opens the Car and Truck Detail Shop.


Team Members

Frank Leon Petty Passed Away

Founder (Frank Leon Petty)

Frank Leon Petty Passed away we greatly miss him

Tom Former Owner. Now: Deputy CEO Director of Operations


Tom: Founders Son, Owner, Director of Operations Frank Petty Motors LLC

Kellie Mcclure Owner Our Dealership


CEO of Dealership COMING SOON!

Frank Petty Motors LLC






Director of Technology 

Brain Sales Team Manager


Sales Team Manager


 Road Side Assistance/Mechanic 

Mike Bullenger

Lock Out Service Technician 


Auto Technician in Training: Road Side Assistance/Mechanic 



Shop Mascot 



Technology Mascot 

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We protect you and your privacy. Frank Petty Motors does not share, and CARFAX does not post any of our customers information. Frank Petty Motors will share the date, vehicle information, a summary of the services provided, mileage, and Frank Petty Motors Shop contact information.

Frank Petty Motors DOES NOT share your name or any of your contact information. We also do not share your invoice numbers, Frank Petty Motors prices, hours, part numbers, totals, or places parts were purchased from.  The CARFAX reporting is FREE of Charge! If you do not want this information reported Frank Petty Motors WILL NOT REPORT IT!


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We offer great deals on many services throughout the year at discounted prices. Check them out. Don't see a deal you can use? Contact us and tell us your idea. 

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Real Time Labor

We have a exclusive labor system we use to give you the best estimate that we possibly can. The system basis all information from all vehicle manufactures and dealerships world wide. This allows us to have lower rates than most shops because we charge the REAL TIME. Not Shop Time like Dealerships! And the big Shops!


We save our customers money by getting parts from many parts suppliers. We Do our best to stay local. AutoZone, Oreilly, Liters, Napa.


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